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MERA Organization
JPA Agreement — revised 6/17/99 (PDF file)
— JPA Agreement Amendment No. 1 adopted 5/13/02 (PDF file)
— JPA Agreement Amendment No. 2 adopted 5/13/02 (PDF file)
— JPA Agreement Amendment No. 3 adopted 6/5/08 (PDF file)
— JPA Agreement Amendment No. 4 adopted 3/11/09 (PDF file)
— JPA Agreement Amendment No. 5 adopted 6/20/12 (PDF file)
Bylaws — Amended and Restated adopted 6/20/12 (PDF file)
— Amendment No. 1 adopted 12/10/14 (PDF file)
Organization Chart and Scope of Duties — Updated - 2/22/16 (PDF file)
Measure A Citizens Oversight Committee Bylaws — 6/8/15 (PDF file)
2015 Annual Progress Report on Authority
      Operations and Activities (PDF file)
Mutual Aid and Communications Plan — Approved Update 3/9/16 (PDF file)
VHF Overlay — 11/18/15 (PDF file)
Strategic Plan — FINAL of 12/19/2010, adopted 12/8/10 (PDF file)
      OUTREACH PLAN — Revised — 5/15/13 (PDF file)
Feasibility Study - Next Generation Radio System Implementation
      12/11/13 (PDF file)
      DELTAWRX/Motorola Proposal - November, 2008 (PDF file)
      AECOM System Design Report — 4/29/10 (PDF file)
      CSI Engineering Report for the County of Marin — 6/1/10 (PDF file)
      COM Radio Communications System RFP - 6/7/10 —
      w/attachments (PDF file)
      — Appendix B: Proposal Pricing Summary (PDF file)
      — Appendix C: Compliance Matrix (PDF file)
      — Appendix G: Marin Coverage Map (PDF file)
      — Site Survey Report 12/29/15 (PDF file)
COM Radio Communications New System RFP (5/6/16) [Details]
MERA Policies and Procedures
Additional Radios — Rev 3/11/15 (PDF File)
Replacement Radios Policy and Procedures — 9/9/15 (PDF File)
Capital Assets — 12/8/10 (PDF File)
Cash Flow Management — 5/19/10 (PDF File)
Conflict of Interest — Biennial Review: Revised - 5/11/16 (PDF File)
Investment — Updated: FY15-16 (PDF file)
Meeting Agenda — 12/8/10 (PDF file)
Meeting Teleconferencing Procedure — 12/8/10 (PDF file)
Member Recognition Policy — 12/12/12 (PDF file)
Membership for New Agencies — 6/17/04 (PDF file)
Operating Budget — 5/19/10 (PDF file)
Public Records Administrative Policy — (revised) 5/13/15 (PDF File)
      * MERA Policy and Procedures — 5/7/14 (PDF file)
      * Current requests for proposals and bidding opportunities –
        more than $25,000 in value (web page)
      * Instructions on how to submit a bid or proposal
            – Contracting Opportunities (web page)
      * Approved vendor contracts – more than $25,000 (web page ---> search)
Records Retention Schedule — revised 12/17/08 (PDF file)
Reserve Funds — (revised) 6/24/15 (PDF file)
Risk Management — 12/8/10 (PDF file)
Surplus Property — 11/13/13 (PDF file)
User Training Policy — 11/18/15 (PDF file)
Website Management — 5/18/11 — (PDF file)
MERA Finance
MERA FY14-15 Audited Financial Statements (PDF File)
      * Previous MERA Audited Financial Statements (PDF Files)
Operating Budget FY16-17 (PDF file)
      * Previous MERA Operating Budgets (PDF Files)
— Member agency contributions for Operating and Current Debt Service are
   determined by the Lando Formula in the MERA JPA Agreement.
        * Schedule of Member Operating and Service Payments
          for FY14-15 (PDF File)
— Effective in FY15-16, and thereafter for 20 years, proceeds of the Measure A
   Parcel Tax approved by the voters in November 2014 are placed in a special
   fund solely for the Next Generation System Project. MERA members will
   continue their annual contributions for Next Gen System operating costs.
        * MERA Measure A Tax Ordinance - 7/22/14 (PDF File)
MERA History
MERA FACTS and FAQs — revised 3/5/14 (PDF File)
Chronological History — updated June 2016 (PDF File)
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